What Whisper Blend Owners Are Saying

Our customers tell us that the Whisper Blend Sound Enclosure is
the most effective blender and juicer sound enclosure on the market.

“Just wanted to let you know the unit arrived just fine, and it’s been put to the test. It’s better than I hoped! I ran it and went outside to check the noise level for neighbors, and it’s barely perceptible. An excellent investment. I’m professional grade now!”

~ P. Eblen, Hawaii

“I absolutely love it! I have a Ninja, and it’s very loud because of the motor, and this is one of the best investments I have ever made. It really secluded the noise, and now I can make my shakes without worrying about disturbing others. Awesome product!”

~ C. Williams, Riverside, CA

“Just wanting to let you know that my sound enclosure has arrived safe and sound in Canberra, Australia, and it is AMAZING! I am so happy that I made the investment; it will be perfect for my business. Thank you for your help with arranging shipping, etc.; it is very much appreciated.”

~ Chantelle F., Canberra, Australia

“As promised, I did test the sound enclosure box, and it’s really good and works perfectly, as you told me. Thank you for a great product.”

~ Sherif M., Denmark

“I wanted to let you know that we received the SE2-BT sound enclosure for our European Blendetec blender, and I am very happy with the results. The noise is reduced by more than 50%. I am thankful to you for prompt service and the continuous follow up. I am extremely satisfied with the product and the service.”

~ S. Shukla, Brussels, Belgium

“I wanted you to know how much we appreciate your enclosures. They are in operation, and the employees love them.”

~ Kao’s & Family, Elkhart, IN

“Thank you for making such a wonderful product. Your sound box has significantly reduced the sound of making a milkshake or smoothie at my shop. It used to sound like a motorcycle revving its engine in my shop. Now, it is whisper quiet. I can’t thank you enough.”

~ Brian W., Woody's Yogurt Place, Mill Valley, CA

“I just wanted to let you know I received the Whisper Blend a couple of days ago in perfect condition. I saw there now is more sound-proofing material inside the enclosure (compared to the pictures on the site) and was worried that the blender wouldn’t fit, but there was no need to worry. The Optimum 9200a fits perfectly. About half an inch of room on each side and a little less front/back. The build quality is FAR better than that of the other enclosure I had. Not only that, it fits the large jug that came with the blender with about an inch to spare, while the old enclosure wouldn’t even fit the small jug properly. Thank you for a great product.”

~ Okke T., the Netherlands

“I received the Whisper Blend and found it to be very well packed and unboxed in primo condition. We could not wait to test it out, and the wife and I are very satisfied with the Whisper Blend. Thank you very much for working with me to ship it. Mission accomplished with a very happy customer.”

~ Geo, Hawaii

“I own two Dairy Queen franchises in Canada. My staff were always complaining about the background noise of our Orange Julius blenders. We upgraded our drive-thru system to an high-definition system, and that did help a bit, but the blenders were still creating too much noise. We recently purchased the Whisper Blend system and were amazed by how well it works. We were sold on it, as they claim it reduces the noise by over 60%. My staff and I feel it reduces the noise by more like 75% to 80%. We are able to run our drive- thru much better and take orders from our customers with hardly any noise distraction. The only other solution would have been to buy a new blending system from one of the big players for 10 times the amount in order to gain the same results. These have been a HUGE help to our business. Thank you.”

~ Neal V.B., Canada

“Thank you so much for exceeding my expectations! And the enclosure is exactly what we needed! It was so awesome to have while teaching lessons! We could actually hear and have conversations! A second one is to be purchased soon! Truly love your product and will be recommending it to future nutrition clubs in the area!”

~ Sandra H., Wylie, TX

“I just wanted to follow up and let you know that I am very satisfied with the Whisper Blend. It muffles the sound just enough that I feel comfortable using my blender in a tiny shared urban space. This is especially important to me, as I rely on my blender to sustain me through a medical condition. The Whisper Blend has been a gift to my food prep routines.”

~ Taryn C., Allston, MA

“I just received my Whisper Blend, and it’s AWESOME!!!!!”

~ B. Roark, Bear, DE

“We received our Whisper Blend enclosure today and wanted you to know that it is amazing. What a difference it makes! Thank you!”

~ Barbara W., Crown Point, IN

“My Vitamix enclosure is great. I can now make a soup in my blender and tolerate the noise with ease. Tom at Crown Plastics has been a star sorting out a shipping problem. I am more than happy with the product and the service.”

~ Jane A., Kent, U.K.

“Your product arrived, and we are so so happy with everything about it! We installed it just yesterday, and it works like magic. The sound reduction is surely 50 percent, and it makes such a difference. And I have to say, the box is beautiful. I really love how it looks like on our kitchen counter; it is an eyecatcher. Thank you so much for inventing this amazing thing, but especially for all your effort during our communication. Your customers are absolutely happy and grateful. We will be spreading the word about your wonderful company and products back here in Europe!”

~ Lucia, Switzerland

The blender enclosures are rockin and rollin. We are getting a lot of enclosure envy from other people. So many smoothie and juice places and cafes use a Vitamix or other blender, and most of the time, they don’t have any enclosure; we know from experience this is hard on their employees and customers. Plus, it would help keep the blender clean when they are doing prep. The enclosures would be good for personal use, like early-morning smoothies, too

~ Daniel H., San Diego, CA

“Just letting you know that I received my Whisper Blend OK and my Vitamix is now in its enclosure! At least now I can use it much more in relative quietness! You need to ship some over to me in the UK, as there must be hundreds of people who would purchase them.”

~ Kay R., United Kingdom

“Woo hoo! The cut in noise for high-end frequencies does the trick to get ‘er done.”

~ Deana D., Austin, TX

The unit was delivered in good order, Tom.  Once again I would like to extend my thanks for the excellent service from the beginning to completion.  Would that there were more companies as efficient – life would indeed be perfect!

~ Margaret G., United Kingdom

I am quite satisfied as a customer with your product. We Japanese usually live in a smaller house than typical Americans, so that a large noise often makes trouble with the neighbors. Since I started to use the unit, I have no need to be worried about that. I am very glad to purchase the product from you. Thank you.

~ T. Suzuki, Tokyo, Japan

Tom has been nothing but wonderful in helping us get our product shipped to Singapore. We’ve ran into many obstacles and really appreciated Tom’s service in going the extra mile for us just to have the sound cover as we couldn’t find any other supplier. Kudos to you and your team!

The enclosure works wonderfully, no more noise at our bar 🙂 The plastic is also sturdy and does not look cheap when placed at an area where customers can see it. Really enjoyed our purchase.

~ Cherry, Singapore

Thank you for a quality product. The Whisper Blend Sound Enclosure reduces the blender’s sound significantly. In addition, you provided the most amazing customer service experience when I discovered I had ordered the wrong size. The city of Plymouth is blessed to have a quality company like yours!

~ Mary S., Woodbury, MN

First, let me compliment you and your employees on the design and workmanship of the SE-2-VT.  I’ve had it now for several weeks and it has been a great boon to both my aural and visual environment. It arrived carefully packed and in pristine condition. The design, materials and sound deadening abilities of the enclosure are first rate and I have been recommending it to all my friends and associates. Thanks for bringing this product to the world – without it, I would still be subconsciously terrorized by my Vitamix 5200, as the turbine in its jet engine daily prepares to rev up and fly apart into a million pieces. (At least it sounds like it 🙂

~ Joe H., Tucson, AZ

“We tested the unit this morning … it’s excellent. The build quality is first-rate, and it looks and functions exactly as we’d hoped. The reduction in sound is significant, and it makes it possible for us to use our Vitamix Pro Series 750 early in the morning and late at night without disturbing our neighbors. It also makes it possible for us to hear each other talk while in the kitchen with the Vitamix running. Thanks much for developing and selling it!”

~ Jeff G., Switzerland

“We recently upgraded to a new Vitamix model, but we didn’t realize how much louder it would be. We wanted to continue our healthy green smoothies, but each time we turned on the blender, the kids (a newborn and two kids younger than 5) would cry. The Whisper Blend is effective, rugged and high quality. For the comfort of our children and the strength of your product, we would have gladly paid more. We LOVE our Whisper Blend and encourage anyone to jump, leap and purchase this product. Our only regret is not getting this sooner.”

~ Tim & Winnie, Irvine, California

“I find the Whisper Blend to be very well crafted. It’s quite the talking point in my kitchen when I have visitors. It allows me to freely use my blender in the early hours, so I can make breakfast smoothies without disturbing my neighbors for when I need to go to the airport at ridiculous hours. A great product for home . . . I only wish I could take it on tour with me!

~ M. Mondesir, London, U.K.

“I received the Whisper Blend Sound Enclosure only yesterday, and we are very happy with it. It may have cost $195 to ship to Perth, Australia, but it was worth every cent!“

~ G. Saltmer, Perth, Australia

I’m very satisfied with my purchase. I was initially uneasy about spending that much, but Tom quickly answered my questions and I decided to go ahead.

Build quality is excellent, there are several nice touches like a small ball at the top which keeps the lid of the blender in place (we can now walk away while blending and not worry about it exploding).

Sound reduction is not life changing, but it is definitely noticeable. This is the only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars.The quoted 40% reduction seems accurate. We can now have conversations in the same room as the blender without yelling (assuming you are close together).

~ R. Wicker, Jacksonville, Florida

“The Whisper Blend Sound Enclosure does everything that I wanted. I can now make an early morning breakfast smoothie without waking the whole house. Soups have now become a viable option, as running the Vitamix for 6 or 7 minutes on high speed no longer gets the family reaching for the ear defenders. Service from Crown Plastics was first class – as an international customer, not only did I get a firm quote on shipping costs but they kept me informed of each stage of the delivery process. Overall an excellent product from an excellent company.”

~ Neil C., Isle of Man, U.K.

“I recently moved into a studio apartment that adjoins others. I felt disinclined to use the Vitamix for breakfast smoothies, as I felt the noise was an unreasonable disturbance at that time of day. The Whisper Blend Sound Enclosure does reduce the noise by about half, which makes me feel OK about using it in the morning and other quiet times. I’m glad I made the investment.”

~ K. Ashton, Melbourne, Australia

“We learned about Whisper Blend Sound Enclosure when we saw one being used for a food processor demonstration in a major UK store. I contacted Crown Plastics by email, and the service has been superb despite being halfway across the world! Best of all, I used it today and the noise reduction is significant, making my food processor a pleasure to use!”

~ N. Simmons, Cheshire, UK

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